Consulting made easy.

Our consultancy assignments can be small or large, time-limited or ongoing.
They often have one thing in common: they have a clear goal, a well thought out brief and a motivated client and brand owner.

We work with our clients to solve a common goal.
The goals may be qualitative or quantitative, but must be clearly defined at the beginning of the collaboration.

Our services in this area range from business development, R&D / Assortment selection, packaging development, advice on customs regulations, choice of logistics solution and possible 3PL / 4PL partner.

We also have partners in packaging design, web site development and customization on digital platforms adapted to the Norwegian market.

Contact us to discuss options

Do you have a product, service or idea that deserves a launch in the Norwegian retail market?
Still unsure which channels you want to distribute and how to present your project in the best way?

Feel free to talk to us and we will help you along the way.

Quite easy.