BK Retail works with both Norwegian and international brands. We assist with pre-market analysis, preparation of launch strategies, store visits and collection / analysis of Nielsen data to map and analyze the category. We also prepare a complete brand presentation with conclusions and advice for the client, a full stack presentation for new products meetings with the chains and distributors including PRICAT / data input sheets, all registration in relevant systems such as Tradesolution / EPD, Green Point etc. We also take on assignments as KAM and the brand owner’s representative I Norway. Contact us for a more complete list of services.

Our brands and partners

When Norwegian or foreign brands consider market-entry to major distributors and chains in the Norwegian retail market, be it grocery, textiles, sports etc. this requires a professional, thorough and qualified work ahead of time. In many cases it can be very expensive to start a process without being aware of the commercial and market “rules of the game” that apply. We offer assistance in all parts of this process and therefore ensure that you as a brand owner and supplier get the best possible starting position when we launch products or services.